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‘My Mom was at home when I left.’

I have two asks. The first is that you stay with this interview as it unfolds. There are so many layers, and out of the ashes rises a remarkable human spirit.

My second is that as you listen, imagine you are my guest, Shelly Edwards Jorgensen. You are the child driving up to your family home after a high school basketball practice, and you see it being consumed by fire.

And at that moment, you know that your mom is dead, inside the home, and not by fire but by the hands of your father.

This is a human journey no one would ask for or want. Shelly Edwards had a horrific childhood, compounded by her mother being murdered by her father. Shelly’s testimony puts her Dad away for seventeen years. He dies there before his sentence is complete.

Shelly finds a way to overcome her childhood trauma, the murder of her mom, and the emotional rollercoaster of testifying against her father. She shares how she finds peace and, within it, her calling.

In doing so, she even forgives her Father.

Would you?

A story of tragedy to triumph and pain to perseverance, with powerful insights on how to move forward.

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