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Tara McCausland Podcast: “Still Rowing”


“Trusting God and Seeing His Hand Amidst Extreme Adversity”

Podcast description:

“In Still Rowing Episode 55, Shelly Jorgensen shares the traumatic events of her childhood including being molested and raped by multiple perpetrators, witnessing her alcoholic father’s abuse of her mother which later escalated to her mother’s tragic death when Shelly was 15. During this time, Shelly relates how she was sustained by heavenly help from her deceased mother and her relationship with a special family that provided a safe haven and an introduction to the restored gospel. Great adversity continues through her adulthood as she struggles with unhealed trauma, singleness, and debilitating health challenges. Yet through it all, Shelly describes the compensatory gifts, growth, and unshakable testimony she has acquired as she has trusted in Christ and His healing, enabling power.”

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