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Mike Morford: “The Murder in My Family” Podcast

picture of the late Marlene Edwards, murdered by her husband

Description from the podcast episode:

Episode 98 Marlene Edwards

“50-Year-Old wife and mother Marlene Edwards died in her own Farmington Hills, Michigan home in October 1985 in a mysterious fire. Her shocking death left her daughters heartbroken.

It wasn’t long before suspicion turned to James Edwards, Marlene’s husband of 25 years, and he was soon arrested and convicted for Marlene’s murder, which ultimately led to their 2 daughters losing not one, but two parents, and it quickly became clear that there was a long history of warning signs leading up to Marlene’s death.

Marlene’s daughter Shelly discusses her Mom’s heartbreaking death at the hands of her father and discusses her new book based on the case, and her family life called ‘Beautiful Ashes’.”

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