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Melissa Dalton Martinez: “The Book Break” video interview

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Shelly Edwards Jorgensen, author of her memoir “Beautiful Ashes,” joins Melissa on this week’s episode of The Book Break to discuss her journey to faith despite the unbearable loss, the discovery of dangerous secrets, and life-threatening illness. When fifteen-year-old Shelly Edwards’s mother is murdered by her alcoholic father, she loses her home, her family, and the only life she’s ever known. Abandoned, broken from abuse and assault, facing poverty, and gripped with fear for her life, Shelly struggles to dismantle decades of lies. But into the deepening darkness that follows, God sends heavenly gifts, leading Shelly to a newfound faith. There she finds a peace she’s never thought possible. In “Beautiful Ashes: A True Story of Murder, Betrayal, and One Woman’s Search for Peace,” you’ll be transformed by Shelly’s riveting memoir about how love, forgiveness, courage, determination—and the guidance of angels—can overcome even the greatest anguish. Available in eBook, Audiobook, and Paperback!

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