Life Lesson 5: We Agreed to the Plan 3

Life Lesson 5: We Agreed to the Plan

This is a principle that I think is really important for us to remember.  Before we were born we lived with Heavenly Father as spirits.  We agreed to follow His plan to come to earth and receive bodies and to be tried and tested before we would return to live with Him after death.

What we must consider is that we knew what we were signing up to do.  I know that I knew that I was going to have a very hard life and I still decided that it was worth the price that I would have to pay.  So, considering that I know that I am a very intelligent person, I know that I would have never agreed to be born and come to earth for a test that wouldn’t be worth the final reward.

So, the next time you are wondering if the struggles that you are going through are worth it in the end, the answer is yes!  Think about the fact that you had the choice before you were born to come to earth and be tested and you knew in advance many, if not all of the adversity that you would face.  Ponder about the fact that you knew what you would be facing and you still chose to do it. 

Heavenly Father never said that this life would be easy.  The tests and trials that we experience are designed to teach us the lessons that we need learn to become the son’s and daughter’s that we are born to become.  They teach us in ways that we could never learn without them.  After all, how do you teach long-suffering if you never suffer? Or endurance if there is nothing to endure?  The answer is you don’t.

So, it is up to us to accept the fact that life is suppose to be hard.  Yes, there will be joy but that comes only after we have learned to accept adversity as our teacher and friend.

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