Everything will be okay

Life Lesson 2: Everything Will Be Okay

I am here to tell you that no matter what happens to you in your life … no matter how bad you think something is … it is okay!

No, today it might not be okay per our standards but as long as you are doing what you should be doing and doing your best everything will be okay. It will be exactly as it should be. That isn’t to say that it will be exactly as you want it to be. After all, we do not know all things and we do not know what is best, but Heavenly Father does. We have to put our trust in Him, let it go, and know that in the end we will be okay.

The way that I see it is this … this life is meant for us to be tried and tested … it is designed for our growth. It isn’t in Heavenly Father’s plan for it to be easy street … if it was then we wouldn’t have a chance to grow. We would never be able to become the people that Heavenly Father needs us to be … notice I didn’t say the people we want to be. I said this because again, we don’t know what is best for us and Heavenly Father does. This is important to remember … there is no way for the atonement to work in our lives if we don’t believe 100% in this truth.

Trials and tests are good for us. They often hurt and are really hard to deal with but they are the exercise that our spirits and character need to strengthen us and help us become who we need to be. Think of it like a weight lifter or an athlete … if they don’t go to the gym and do the exercise and lift the weights then they won’t be in the physical shape that they need to be to perform well. The same goes with us and our character. If we don’t do the “heavy lifting” then we will be weak and unable to become strong. We will not have
the character that we need to fulfill our mission on earth.

I know that this may sound hard to believe but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change anything about my life. Yes, I wish that many things could have been different and that my mother was here but I know that I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without the hard experiences in my life. What I do know is that I have strength that I never knew was possible. I have learned empathy that most people will never have. I have learned that if I truly trust Christ and put everything in His hands, he will carry me.

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