Don't Ask Why

Life Lesson 3: Don’t Ask Why

I have also learned that we can waste our entire lives asking the question “why”.  Why is this happening to me?  Well, here is the answer … because Heavenly Father needs you to learn and grow in a way that you may never fully understand in this life.  Stop asking “why” and start asking “what” and “how” … what should I be learning and how can I use it to help myself and somebody else?

The worst thing that we can do is compare our problems to somebody else.  The truth is you may think that so-and-so has it easier than you do but the reality is they don’t.  Heavenly Father pushes all of us to our limits … see He loves us all the same and wants us all to have the same chance at growth.  The differences are just in what the trials are.  Our trials are all tailor made to help each of us reach our potential.  They are in no means a punishment … they are a blessing because they are opportunities for growth.  It is up to us whether or not they become stepping stones or stumbling blocks.  We decide if we are going to face life’s challenges and turn toward Heavenly Father or away.  If we turn toward Him then we will be carried.  If we don’t then we will struggle.

Remember that life is a team sport … it isn’t the goal to be better than your neighbor … the goal is to be the best you that you can be and along the way help others be the best they can be.  Look for ways to develop your Christ-like character and don’t take much time to feel sorry for yourself.  Remember that Christ is anxiously waiting to carry you.  Believe Him and know that there really isn’t anything that you cannot handle as long as you “yoke” yourself with Christ.

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