Beautiful Ashes

A True Story of Murder, Betrayal, and One Woman’s Search for Peace

Be inspired and uplifted. Find faith. Learn to forgive. Come closer to the Savior. See the power of the Atonement.

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Beautiful Ashes Memoir

A story of tragic loss and healing faith, Beautiful Ashes is the compelling account of Shelly Edwards Jorgensen’s quest to uncover family secrets and to survive the truth. 

After her mother’s tragic death in a house fire, fifteen-year-old Shelly is driven to seek answers. 

A silent witness to her father’s abuse, she fears sharing her deep-rooted suspicions in her alcoholic father’s role with authorities might risk her own life.

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Finding Faith in the Ashes

I never set out to write a book, surviving life was my goal.

I offer Beautiful Ashes to those who have been victims of abuse, domestic violence, rape, tragic loss, or any flavor of life’s overwhelming adversities — those who have lost hold of hope. Flames may devour and evil wound you, but you are never alone and always loved. Walk with me out of the shadows and find peace and light.

There are unimaginable blessings awaiting you.

Best of Luck on Your Journey to Happiness

Shelly Edwards Jorgensen